About the Music

This project is an eclectic electronic music concept and is directed to small venues e/o chill out events.
The music is constructed as a collage of sounds and this makes it to be a unique live performances anytime.

Finally in 2013 and after many changes and musical experiments, I decided that is time to show my work to the public. The DaDa Project is a mescal of normal music, abnormal noise sounds, old time radio voices and sampling speeches. I produce, record, discompose and rearranged noises and voices... Add, cut, change, slice and glue sounds together. The music is produced in a way that all the sounds work in loop mode and in an improvised music environment without synchronized machines or computer.

The music genre is mainly electronic down-tempo but it touches Glitch, Avant-garde and lo-fi, making the performances to have a cinematic feel. All the equipment used in the performance has been previously set up and prepared to reproduce the sounds at the finger tip in the exact moment without any sophisticate digital equipment. This provokes an unpredictable music show not only for the listener but to myself too!
There is where the fun starts! DaDa Project booking

DaDa Project 2016