About the Artist

Dada Project is Frederico (Fred) AKA Dada Project.
I start DJ as "Alienature" in Bristol Clubs but I have a lifetime interests in the music industry. Since an early age I played as part of various Rock and metal bands back in Portugal, my native country.
By that time, I started to follow bands and collecting records, having a special preference for "Hard bone Music", combining  theater, experimental, classic rock, metal and Jazz music, listening and absorbing influences from artists such as Brian Eno, Frank Zappa, la fura del baus, Area, Jethro Tull, Phil Glass just to name a few.

With the emerging of Electronic Dance Music, I became aware of many new and different music genres. The pull was too great and I surrender to the digital sounds. In 1991 started to get involved in the electronic music circuit always looking for new music trends. In 2000 I moved to the UK and started a DJ career mixing different music styles on vinyl and CD. Later in 2005 I  launched Trance Moon Radio and in the following year 2006, I lunched Lua Records Label lua-Records.com. Managing both Radio and Label, I added to my stable network N.C.P Records in 2012. Throughout this time I have been making a name for myself within Psychedelic Electronic Music as DJ Alienature in clubs, bars and festivals across the UK, Portugal, Spain and Austria.

Always looking to take my music in new directions, in 2009 and after much time experimenting with new music production ideas, I start to develop a side project called "The DaDa project" In this recent work, I like to incorporates art & music. DaDa Project booking

Years past and I stop to DJ Dark psychedelic music as Alienature. In 2013 I adopted Kabbalien name to DJ Ethnic Ambient and produce experimental music as studio project.

DaDa Project 2016