About the Show

DaDa project music is capable to reach many audience styles. The performance and visuals depend on the venue environment, stage, space capabilities and the time I will have to set up and put down the visual décor and equipment.

I have a special interest to play in small venues. These allow me a closer contact with the public and enable to understand and captivate people`s interest to experimental electronic music.

 The Music equipment for some live acts are:
* WAVDJ - VM-108 Machine (Software / loop sampler / FX / Drum machine / keyboard sound)
* KORG Kaossilator PRO (Synthesizer / loop recorder)
* MIXER Behringer VMX 200
* Laptop
* Headphones
* 2 Monitors + Amplifier (If required)

I can perform for one hour without the Décors but I reckon the show will not have the same effect.
"It is important to create a good visual environment for the all performance to work, this can only be achieved with a two hours show"

(Visual eye candy)

Not only as producer and performer, I do work in other Art & Craft projects. For the performances, I created some sculptures in recycled material and some UV backdrops. I also create the fractals movie projection. All the performance is under UV static lights. The Idea is to join music and visual in one stage.
I think visual Art like projections will complement the music and personalize the show!

Some ready 3D visuals:
* Plastic structures under UV light

Ideally, I would like to set up a mini stage installation for each live performance.
Thank you !

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