About the Releases

DaDa Project does not release any music officially!
You can hear the live shows on this blog or youtube videos. Dada project music can be purchased in limited edition CD only. (soon)

At the present moment I DJ Ethnic / Ambient and produce as "Kabbalien" to publish different music genres. The first two releases has published under dada project but the music released on this record is not connected with the present DaDa Project live performance.

As Kabbalien I have been releasing and participating with other artists at N.C.P Records  producing a diversification of music genres but mostly electronica.

Release on N.C.P Records Label 2014

Released on N.C.P Records Label 2014

 Released on N.C.P Records Label 2013
Kabbalien - Humanoid CO47EP1

Released on N.C.P Records Label in 2013

First Release out on Lua Records Label in 2011
DaDa Project booking

DaDa Project 2016